• 500 Volt / Second
• RISC Microprocessor Control,
• Excellent Dynamic, Static Regulation,
• Large Input Voltage Working Range, 130-270 VAC
• Electronic Protection against overload and short dltstk_11_1229circuit,
• 220 VAC / 380 VAC ±% 2,5 Regulation,
• Load level, Output ve Input Display
• Excessive voltage protection up-down limits.
• DELTA Static stabiliser is used when the speed of operation represents
 a critical issue (for example, computers, laboratory equipment, measuring
 benches and medical instrumentation).
• The voltage stabiliser does not provide galvanic separation between
 input and output.
• The equipment is usually housed in a metal enclosure with RAL7035
 finish and IP21 protection degree, suitably sized according  to the power rating.
• High Effiency