About Us

About Us
We have been continuing our activities with professional understanding and being active in the production , importing our technological products for about 27 years from 1992 until today.

As a manufacturer company in the Power Electronics sector, our company provides 100% domestic production and sales services for static and servo voltage regulators, Generators and three phase power supplies (UPS). Our company, which has the biggest production and sales substructure of Turkey in voltage regulators, manufactures with 150 production personnel in 10.000 m’ (square meters) production area and exports to 78 countries.

Our Three-phase Power supplies are supported by TUBITAK* , continuously running in the range of 10 kVA – 300 kVA We are importing mono-phase On_Line Power Supplies from 1 kVA to 10 kVA power range.
Our company manufactures and supplies voltage regulators, power supplies and dry type batteries. apart from standard products; Our clients’ special requests can also be answered by our AR & GE department.

Our company is working with many huge companies in the status of solution partners and developing export capacity to 78 countries and increases this number every other day.

Our Goals
First of all with the TSE 60335-1 and ISO-9001 quality management certificates , our firm has a vision which is production with the %100 quality and caring about the customer satisfaction at maximum level. Our only purpose and priority goal is to care our clients demand and problems and finding solutions instantly. In all the products that we sell and service , our aim is to increase quality and to have a say in the sector. Both Voltage Regulators, Power Supplies and Generators are produced with “Domestic Goods” and our productions are completely produced with domestic resources. By this way it will reflects cost and in the market it increases our power of competition.

Our products are being developed with the latest technology in our professional AR-GE center and are in continuous development. As a natural reflection of this, we have a daily product range technologically.