About Us

About Us

Our story began in 1991 in İstanbul, Turkey as tunaylar Uninterruptible Energy Systems by manufactoring Generators, Static, Servo, Voltage regulators which are 100% local power production in uninterruptible power supplies.

Our product lines;

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS),
Frequency Converters,
Static Transfer Key (STS),
AC Voltage Regulators / Stabilizers
Mini Smart Stabilizers
Isolation transformers,
Toroidal Variacs,
Dry and Gel type SLA Batteries,
DC Power supplies,
Battery chargers

are manufactered, developed and upgraded by our, advanced R&D team skills, studies, works and holds in firm cooperation with the Scientific and Technologic Research Council of Turkey; on a total covered area of 10.000 m2 with more than 150 employees.

In order to answer different customers requirements from the World, due to different mains and electrical conditions across the globe we ensure highest flexibility in our production.
According to tunaylar Uninterruptible Energy Systems provide better, flexiable and reliable solutions by increased product quality; our manufactured products;

Singlephase AC Servo Voltage Stabilizers 500 VA – 50 kVA
Triphase AC Servo Voltage Stabilizers 3 kVA – 3000 kVA
Singlephase AC Static/Solid state Voltage Stabilizers: 1 kVA – 50 Kva
Triphase AC Static/Solid state Voltage Stabilizers: 30 Kva – 3000 Kva
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (T based,IGBT,DSP) (1:1ph,3:1ph,3:3ph) 1000 VA – 800 kVA

Have been exported worldwide, in 80 countries such as Portugal, UK, France, Poland, Ukraine, Kosovo, Sirbia, Albany, Macedony, Georgia, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Libya, Irak, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Le banon, Jordan, South Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Peru, Venezuela, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Etihopia..etc

tunaylar Uninterruptible Energy Systems provide better, flexiable and reliable solutions with competitive prices.