DLT RED BC 2000 General Features
12 VDC – 24 VDC- 48 VDC – 110 VDC – 220VDC 100-200 A

DELTA RED BC 2000 Series rectifiers, electric network, forklifts, telephone exchanges, boats and to meet DC voltage requirement in similar places and used in keeping the batteries fully charged. The DC supply system is usually installed for emergency use. The rectifier feeds the load when the AC supply is present. Batteries becomes active when AC disconnected. For this reason, the batteries must be charged at all the time.
Voltage is 2.23 Volts per element of fully charged battery. For example, a 24 Volt 12 cells battery pack must be charged at 26.76 Volts to hold it fully charged.

If the voltage of the rectifier is below this value of 1-2 V, the full capacity of the battery will not be reached. 
As such, the charging voltage will begin to sink when the voltage exceeds 2.4 volts. If this persists for too long (days), the increase in acid density will cause the devices to start up on the last plate and the battery will become useless. In a non-stabilizing rectifier, the output voltage will vary greatly due to the mains voltage and load fluctuations. At such a rectifier it is not possible to supply 2.23 Volts per eye, it is absolutely necessary to charge the batteries that are used as auxiliary power source in the emergency area with the stabilized rectifier.

DELTA RED BC 2000 series rectifiers  output voltage, without being affected by changes in mains voltage and load current. Meets current DC load with ideal voltage. Thanks to a filter located at the output of the thyristor-controlled rectifier, the ripple factor remains at 7.5% when it is full load and the battery is not connected, a smooth DC voltage can be obtained at the output.

DELTA RED BC 2000 Series rectifiers  thanks to the desired voltage from 12V DC to 220V DC, It is manufactured at a current value not exceeding 200 Amperes.

DELTA RED Switch Mode Series Rectifiers, smaller than conventional rectifiers,
work efficiency is much higher, low ripple rate, It helps to get the perfect result.